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Swarming from Grady Justice on Vimeo.

Grady Justice created the Swarming Wasp effects with the team's direction. This Short was Written by best-selling author and Fourth Wall Studios’ co-founder Sean Stewart, and in collaboration with the award-winning directing team Walter Robot. “The Swarming” is a tale of technological terror. What if an infestation could not only cross species but also cross the barrier between electronic devices to living things? “The Swarming” is a frightening tale about a young musician who picks up his phone expecting to hear his girlfriend, but pure pain stabs into his ear instead. He finds himself infected by a deadly digital predator that has stung him like a wasp laying eggs in one of her victims. Now he is locked in a desperate struggle to save his lover before the young devour him from the inside out, driven by their fundamental programming: Hunt. Sting. Kill. Spread.

• Direction by: Walter Robot

• 1st Assistant Director: Grady Justice

• VFX: Grady Justice & Walter Robot

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